N U E V E A U Photography

Artwork, Digital, and Photographic Media by Michelle O'Reagan

Honeymoon Ostrich Leather Album
(to be outfitted with photographs via gold photo corners)
Ostrich-press Cow Hide, Sandstone, collage with hand-printed silver gelatin photography by Nueveau Photography, mixed media
Knot: Coptic

Travel Reflections Journal
(complete with pockets, secure tie, and mirror)
Re-constructed cigar box, marbelized paper, mixed media
Knot: Stab

Oversized Dragon's Lair Sketchbook
Handmade paper cover liners, cloth, india ink, acrylic, copper, thread, mixed media

Skin is to Paper Book
Covered in Hand-printed silver gelatin light-prints, black satin and nails across spine, mixed media
Knot: Long Stitch