N U E V E A U Photography

Artwork, Digital, and Photographic Media by Michelle O'Reagan

Photography and Fine Art Portfolio

Alchemy and Mysticism I: Medieval  2006 NFS

Alchemy and Mysticism II: Post-Modern  2007   $700

Alchemy and Mysticism III: Post-Katrina 2007  $800 ($100 to Habitat for Humanity)

Print-making Authentica: Etching, Drypoint, the Gammit

Horns (has placed 2nd at the Southeastern University Student Exhibition, 2000 and showed at Louisiana State University Union Art Show, 2002  - 2000  $450 unframed

Aztec Mother Earth (Creation Myth Series)  2000  $300 unframed


Warehouse Mysteries (two color printing) 2000  $400 unframed (series of 5 unique prints)

Sorcery  2000  $400 unframed (seven part series + AP)

C-types and Digital Photography:


Post-Cold-War: 2004 Fall-Out Shelter  2004  $400 unframed




Recent Silver Gelatin and other Photography

Recent Dark Room Photography: for Upcoming book, A Woman and a Cannon

A Woman and a Cannon (silver gelatin) 2009  $450 ongoing series

A Woman and a Cannon II (silver gelatin)  2009  $450 ongoing series

A Woman and a Cannon III (digital) 2009 $80 ongoing

A Woman and a Cannon IV (silver gelatin) 2009 $450 ongoing

War of 1812 Ingenuity: A Woman and a Cannon I (silver gelatin) 2009 $350 ongoing

______________________________2010 Portraiture and Model Photography________________________________________________


GianCarlo Farria - Composite Card Shoot


Blindfolded Innocence
Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
3' x 5'


Acrylic and Oil Pastel on Canvas
2' x 6'
Translated from Dream Imagery

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Stills Photography: Work Taken in 35mm while working on full length and University Films

The Price of Flowers Spring 2009 production   Director: Ashley Charbonnet  Stills photography: Michelle O'Reagan
Portfolio: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=142938&id=163430103032
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Seizure  2007 production  Director: Will Hess  Director of Stills: Michelle O'Reagan
see the full trailer
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The Price of Flowers
Starring Lance Nichols, Justin Scalise, Henry Griffin, Nyoki Mckeith, David Kency, Michael Martin, Kristin Samuelson, Rose Lamarche, Julie Comarda Directed by Ashley Charbonnet Cinematographer: Greg Kershaw 1st AC: Autumn Boh 2nd AC: Gerard Marti...n Producer: Christopher C. Brown Composer: Courtney Bryan Line Producer: Jason Buch Production Designer: Hannah Beachler 1st AD: Isaac Meisenheimer 2nd AD: Anthony Yuse POC: Jessy Williamson Gaffer: Allen Parks Lighting Designer: Declan Ryan Casting Director: James Bearb Sound: Rachel Grissom add't sound: Eric Heigle Costume Designer: Kay Charbonnet Still Photographer: Michelle Reagan Key PA: Liz Barker Set PA: Chris Doremus Key Grip: Gonzalo Gonzalez Dolly Grip: Michael Deitch Grip: Jimmy Uddo Production Assistants: Derwin Wilwright, Kyle B. Tveten, Cecillia Carcamo, Shane McGooey, Carlos Velasquez, David Zuckerman