N U E V E A U Photography

Artwork, Digital, and Photographic Media by Michelle O'Reagan


Savannah Fauna (Savannah Warrior Collection)

prices upon request, all photography by Karl Ault
View the collection in series: http://nueveau.carbonmade.com/projects/2994008#1

Swashbuckling Buccaneer:
Shirt: Ruffled Peasant (available in white, espresso, or natural color schemes with bronze eyelets on all styles)  Black suede tie
$70.00 available xs/youthxl  s/m  m/l  l/xl  2xl/3xl ($42.00)
Pants: Black bluejean material  with buckles at knees, adjustable to wear with or without tall boots
$80.00 available xs/youthxl  s/m  m/l  l/xl  colors: black bluejean, silver/black bluejean, pinstripe suit material (black/white), grey with raised pattern
Head-Scarf (can be warn rolled or triangular) $15.00
Matching Double-length fringed sashes (belts) available $30.00

Tren Devian
Where Fashion Springs to Life

To order: Send item title, address, and measurements for clothing/size, to michoola@gmail.com
Shipping and Handling will be applied to your order according to zip code to give you the fairest price possible.

Echoes of the Renaissance and Swirls of ArtNouveau

Wine-Caped Brocade Blouse $50

Available in turqoise paisley (pictured), dragon red/black, and gold/baby blue coat of arms

Brown Dancewear Skirt (fitted with green lined button foldover detail at side waist) $35

Add Diagonal Suspender $10

Reversible Royalty Asymetrical Blouse $70

Satin with chestnut leather trim and leather buttons, onyx chain

Wine-Crink Sliced Mermaid Skirt $120

Floorlength with Spanish Shawl split detail in black

Feathered glovelet $30  two $45

from Zen and the Art of Fabric Runway Show

Off-the-Shoulder Back-Reveal Blouse $40  see skirt above

Silver chain detail in back, royal purple satin

Shoulder-less Marquise de Sade Dress $85

Available in: Gold and Baby Blue brocade inset skirt with Champagne Dancewear fabric (pictured), Turquoise paisley brocade with champagne


Glass and Feathers Crinkle dress

Open back with Purple Satin detail at hips, hand-blown glass bead closure

With feather and black leather shoulder, pictured $105

Without $80

Amazonian Warrior Dress $105

Shades of Grey, Purple, Plum Taffeta on lightweight black dress, peek-a-boo front, shoulder-gauntlet with brass detail

Bird of Paradise Kimono Jacket $180

Greem velvet wrap-around button closure

Purple-Ice  Dissconnect  Wrap Skirt $50

Silver chain detail

Men's Selections Coming Soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(clockwise from top)Feathered Flapper Veils : $40
Available to order in the color of your choice: green, black, navy, red, cream, white

Kimono Lingerie Panties with Corsetry: $65
Hand-sewn and grommited in the brocade of your choice by the artist using her experience with designers such as Tora Lopez and Kano

Asymmetrical Shoulder Torso Harness: $50
Adorn yourself with delicate multi-styled chain and interlocking eyelets in pure copper

Tiger's Eye Tres-Plumet Necklace: $44
Real Tiger's Eye stone, copper chain, and international wire bead

Flaming Rescue Ladder:  $48
Layers of chains create the luxurious attitude perfect for complimenting cocktail dresses and even fine swimwear

More original fashion available very soon!

TrenDevian: Couture and Swimwear for Women
Translucent Ecru Victorian Sleeveless Blouse

Crafted completely from lace, this high-neck top is perfect over a contrasting bra or worn alone or under a suit jacket for those braver souls.  Neck can be folded down for ease of movement. Pictured both under a corset.

Aquatic Vintage-Inspired Suits through the AgeS

1929: Bees Knees Bathing Two Piece $50
Greet the sand and surf in this gorgeous relic to the women of the past who took the water in pure comfort.
Available in Yellow with black trim (pictured), Black with Orange Trim, Black with double-line white trim, solid yellow.
Belt is stylist own.
Swimwear Belt, solid yellow, orange, or black: $30 (not-pictured)

1938: Smokey Wine and Rain Tie Bikini $115.00
The classy version of the string bikini, this cowl top is also great for hitting the clubs.  High criss-cross back.
  Detachable broach is included, please do not swim with it.  Bottoms tie at hip.  Available in wine, red, black, or dark gold/bronze.
Butterfly pin stylist' own.

1949: Dive-Neck Hollywood One-Piece $85.00
Show off your assets and strut in this solid colored cut-away-back halter suit with twist tie closure.
Available in white(full or partially lined) and light (non-metallic) gold

1953: Latin Verde Ruffle Duet
Sassyness and radiant energy suffuse this flounce top and boy-cut gathered-back bottom.
Available in wine or green jade with black trim or solid white, full lining.

1946: Double Tie Boycut Two-Piece $125.00
Adjustable leg length with bone bead and thick criss-cross duet straps take you to the smokey loung stage and the boardwalk.
Available in black, wine, dk. jade, lt. gold, bronze
Broach is wardrobe stylist' own

1971: Bluejean Stretch Duet $95.00
Stretch bluejean meets in dark green swimwear fabric in complete comfy cheek that's convenient with real cut-off pockets.
Stylist' own scarf belt.

Steamy Tribal Necklace Pictured Below also available: $250.00
authentic shell, bone, glass beads with abalone pendant, all copper

1981: Burgundy Leather Emily Triangle Top + Real Leather / Faux Ostiche Backless Cover-Top
This duet is inspired by the 1980s obsession with leather but soars into the modern with rich warm brown tones and inspiration from the natural world.
Bikini Triangle Top $40
Ostriche Over-top $50
Please do not wear our top in water, sunning acceptable, body oil may darken pleasantly
Glass beads fastened by renowned Italian designers

Specify Size 00, 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
Smaller sizes can be crafted and larger sizes if measurements are relayed.  Please add an additional $8.00 for sizes larger than 12.

2010: Pure Chain Bikini
This is a preview of the upcoming 2011 line that will showcase chain and metal details from stainless to copper.  Special thanks to Aria for her bold and athletic modeling.

Specify Size 00, 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
Smaller sizes can be crafted and larger sizes if measurements are relayed.  Please add an additional $8.00 for sizes larger than 12.

Deskinz Male Couture
Made to fit
Jersey Fixed-Chest Vest-Tunic

Special Thanks to Model GianCarlo!
This vest is perfect over a tank top or alone and at much home on the runway as it is trecking the urban environment.  It's also gender neutral and converts looks with a cincher in the back that is removable.  It can also be tightened with upper back corsetry and authentic leather cording.

Available in navy, wine, and black.  Expect slight variations in adornments.
Sizes s (womens 00-4, mens xs-s) m (womens 4-8, mens s-m) l (womens 8-12, mens m-l) 

Jersey Summer-Wear Tunic with Tie Closure $35

Hand-Dyed white jersey makes each piece unique whether you dawn this Deskinz piece on the beach, lake or around the city.  Can be adjusted dramatically by tightening corsetry.

Special Thanks to Model Dustin!
Available as pictured or in wine-mint green.  All leather and suede ties.
Sizes s (mens xs-s) m (mens s-m) l (mens m-l)
Add tales (split or solid) for $15